At 2Simple, we believe it is important  to keep creating new programs to support eductation as our teaching practices evolve. However, perhaps more importantly, we know we need to keep improving  our existing programs.


As such, we have been working incredibly hard to bring you even more features to Purple Mash this term. As well as online features, Purple Mash now includes apps for 2Animate, 2Create a Story, 2DIY, Mashcams and more.


We also have a brand new App, 2Manage Behaviour! Read below to find out how this app can change your approach to rewarding good behaviours in your school!




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Purple Mash: not just for iPads!


Purple Mash has an ever increasing range of tablet friendly programs and other elements. All new software developments are always tablet friendly and our development team are working hard to convert older software titles into a tablet friendly format were possible. 

PLUS...we have also introduced a range of other fantastic features such as Picture Logins, Class Setups and 2Code Scoring to make your Purple Mash experience even better.

Don't forget, we also have new chapters of Serial Mash books being released each week too!New to Purple Mash or want to train your staff? Use our Interactive Virtual Trainer




2Manage Behaviour App Launch


2Manage Behaviour & Safety is the fast and fun way to reward good behavior throughout your school. It is an incredibly powerful tool for schools in promoting good behavior and we're sure that teachers, children and parents will love it!

All schools have 'Golden' Rules (although the name can vary) but day-to-day, with so many children to look after, it often becomes easier to highlight and focus on the small amount of negative behaviour rather than celebrating all the good behaviour.

You simply capture an image on the devices camera and tag it with the appropriate child's name and Golden Rule. Each group has their own, colour-coded, floating bubble. With each act of good behaviour, the bubble grows, giving children a great sense of satisfaction and another reason to keep up the good work. 

Your observations are automatically synced to the web management suite and fed into a live stream that is shown in real time throughout the school on your TVs and displays.

This means that new tags will actually pop out of the bubble with the child or children tagged, showing visitors and pupils exemplary behaviour.

Purple Mash Classes & Groups


You can now assign children into classes and groups which gives you access to some great features like shared folders, the ability to comment on work and custom class pages.


Search by Class


Searching through lots of users can be tricky but now you can also search by class. Just type in a class name and you'll instantly see all the users in that class, making pupils much easier to find!


Purple Mash Picture Logins


The Purple Mash User Management System is already packed with great features but we've added some exciting new ones. These new features are designed to help you get the most out of Purple Mash in the classroom and make your life just that little bit easier. 

We've made logging in fun and easy, with picture and number logins. Kids will love the new animal characters and teachers can say goodbye to forgotten passwords!




2Build a Profile

Let's not forget about our AWARD-WINNING App, 2Build a Profile!

Save hours of record keeping time with 2Build a Profile.

This app provides a simple and powerful way to log students' achievements against curriculum standards in a few simple steps; making it ideal for busy educators.

  • Open the app and take a photo with the device's camera.
  • Write your virtual post it note.
  • Select the children who are being observed.
  • Tag the observation with the Learning standards.

Your observations will be automatically sent via wifi to a secure website (Web Management Suite) for your school or setting where you can collate, view, save and print your observations at any time.

2Build a Profile will now be available for assessing against:

2Build a Profile is available with Primary National and State Curricula, the EYLF and MTOP.

Just ask us for a free trial to see how great it is!

The Launch of 2Code!

Teach children to code with 2Code

2Simple Software are thrilled to announce a new addition to Purple Mash: 2Code! This coding tool is challenging and interactive in order to get pupils engaged and has many helpful hints to keep difficult concepts from becoming discouraging. Our developers purposely designed it along the new 21st Century Learning Curriculum so we could include full lessons for different age groups and levels of ability – everything from logic and algorithms, to writing and debugging computer programs. On top of that, 2Code offers different Free Code modes of varying difficulty to encourage children to problem solve within a context. The Free Code can also be used entirely on its own to create games, animated stories and anything else your pupils can think of.

The new 21st Century Learning Curriculum has put a focus on children being able to understand and change the world. The purpose is to bring the attention back to creating software rather than simply learning how to use it but it has also had teachers searching for software that can help teach lower primary pupils difficult concepts like algorithms and also allow upper primary pupils to design, write and test their own programs. We’ve made sure to offer you both.

2Code is unique in many ways, but some of our favourite features are:

  1. Step-by-step lesson activities that cover all of the Coding Objectives for different age groups
  2. Ready-to-use ‘broken code’ activities for teaching debugging
  3. Video tutorials that ensure teachers always feel confident with the lessons
  4. Tailor-made activities for tablets and touch-screen devices
  5. Free Code mode where learners can develop their new coding skills and really get creative
  6. Hints and guidance provided throughout to aid the learning process
  7. ‘Success recognition’ so children know when they’ve completed a challenge
  8. A debugging tool which spots problems in pupils’ coding and gives hints on how to fix it
  9. The friendly, familiar, safe and secure Purple Mash interface
  10. More advanced learners have the option to view and edit the actual code in JavaScript

2Build a Profile Trial Request

2Build a Profile: 2Simple's Early Years Learning Framework App


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Approval users get access to the "management suite" software that builds portfolios for each child and generates reports.